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For those of you that've chatted with me at tastings, you know Syrah is the varietal that has won my heart. Madeline Puckett at Wine Folly describes the conditions that make Washington Syrah special:

"Syrah benefits from exposure to sunshine, and Washington has very long daylight hours because of it’s position relative to the equator. The best vineyards live on southward facing slopes where they can drink in the sun’s rays. Yakima, Walla Walla, Wahluke Slope(WAH “luke”), Horse Heaven Hills and Red Mountain contain the best syrah vineyards in Washington state. Value wines can be found in Yakima and Wahluke Slope."

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I'm proud to be sourcing fruit from Boushey Vineyard in Yakima Valley AVA and Stillwater Creek Vineyard in Wahluke Slope AVA. I'll be releasing the 2014 Damsel Boushey Vineyard Syrah later this year and I can't wait for Damsel peeps to try it! 

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