2021 Damsel Rosé "Ida Mae" - NEW VINTAGE
2021 Damsel Rosé "Ida Mae" - NEW VINTAGE
$ 24.05

2021 Damsel Rosé "Ida Mae" - NEW VINTAGE

Varietal: 60% Syrah, 20% Grenache, 20% Mourvedre

If we had a nickel for every time we toast to Ida Mae, we'd all be rich!. This rosé is meant to be fun, not taken too seriously, dependable, and easy to enjoy with ones you love…just like its namesake, Ida Mae. The dominate five (s)cents you will find are nectarine, pink starburst, plumeria, white pepper and champagne mango. The palate is more mineral driven, with lush acidity and notes of ripe white peach. If you are curious, ask us about the mysterious nickels appearing in the winery during harvest and our homage to dear Ida Mae.

In Honor of Ida Mae Souza (Nana)  It’s agreed by all that Ida Mae (Nana) was a sweet and generous soul. She lived next door to her daughter and grandchildren who were blessed daily with her kindnesses. She worked as a waitress for years at Ray's in New Bedford and would often stop by the house after work with a bag of assorted snacks and leave four small piles of change on the counter, one for each grandchild. Now whenever coins are found around the house, it’s considered a visit from Nana. She would bring groceries by and contributed to ‘school shopping’ so the kids would have new clothes to start their year. A stylish dresser herself, she always matched her clothes and accessories and when she was older kept records, so she didn't repeat an outfit in a month!
She loved her red lipstick, hotdogs, and highballs.

Nana gave the grandkids their first bartending jobs, mixing highballs, Seagrams 7 and ginger ale. She always appreciated a well-made adult beverage and passed that trait on to her grandchildren. It is quite fitting to have this delicious wine named in her honor.

Ida Mae loved the holidays and Christmas was her favorite time to celebrate. She always made holidays special, even continuing to send cards for minor holidays when her grandchildren became adults.

In her golden years, she moved into a senior living community and every Tuesday, she’d ask her daughter to take her to the bakery to buy pastries for the OLD people living there. She noted they didn’t get out much and they liked their sweets (as she did).

The stories of her good heart are too many to name, but memories of her kindness and warmth are shared by her family as we toast to Ida Mae.

99 cases produced.